Duke Dems endorses Sohn for YT

The Duke Democrats would like to endorse Michelle Sohn for Young Trustee; both she and Ben Getson are fully qualified to effectively communicate the concerns and ideas of the undergraduate student body to Duke’s Board of Trustees, and we therefore encourage Duke voters to rank both individuals highly on their ballots.

We encourage voters to place Michelle Sohn first on their ballots.  Duke Democrats believes that Ms. Sohn’s spark and energy will help her stand out on the Board at this crucial crossroads in Duke’s future.  She has shown aptitude in boardroom settings, demonstrating that she can show passion and commitment with a demeanor of utmost professionalism and amicability.  To speak more directly to her platform, we believe that Ms. Sohn is the best advocate for the progressive beliefs and ideals that we find important, including gender equality, multicultural diversity, and certain important issues of campus culture.  Ms. Sohn has a record of fighting to make our campus a more equitable and accepting environment.  Her strength as a communicator and her progressive vision of Duke lead us to believe that Ms. Sohn the best candidate for the position of Young Trustee.

We also encourage voters to place Ben Getson second on their ballots, and we believe that he is also extraordinarily qualified for the position.  Mr. Getson has great ideas for engaging the board and representing the undergraduate student body in future decision-making.  He truly shares Duke Democrat’s understanding of the socioeconomic climate of Duke’s campus, and will work to continue to break down boundaries.  Mr. Getson has experienced life on all three of Duke’s campuses, and has shown initiative in organizing students to forge new opportunities.  This experience would be advantageous during Duke’s transition to a residential house model.  Mr. Getson is also an effective communicator, and we believe that he is also an outstanding candidate for the position of Young Trustee.

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Ben is a 5th grade teacher in Houston, Texas.

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