Do you want guns in Shooters II?

Do you want guns in Shooters II?  How about on campus?

Comment to non-Duke readers:” Shooters” refers to a club, popular amongst Duke students, of Karen Owen and Tucker Max fame.  Hopefully, it won’t refer to–well–actual shooters anytime soon. 

I’m going to take a step back and acknowledge that the whole “do guns make us safer?” debate is a place where intelligent people can reasonably disagree, although I think two things (the relationship in the United States between strictness of gun laws and gun deaths, and between gun ownership and gun deaths indicates the less-guns side should or ought to be winning).

These two evocative graphs are from the hardworking people at New Trajectory using data from the Legal Community Against Violence:


North Carolina Republicans haven’t given up their fight (no pun intended) to legalize carrying guns in restaurants, bars and parks and on college campuses; it passed in the NC House in March and will likely come before the Senate soon.

To Duke students: next time you’re bumping up against someone at Shooters — contemplate what it would be like if they had a gun in their pocket.  Freaked out?  Consider signing a postcard to your State Senator online with North Carolinians Against Gun Violence.

Published by Elena Botella

Elena Botella is a Duke Undergraduate in the Class of 2013, majoring in Economics and Math.

One thought on “Do you want guns in Shooters II?

  1. Thank you, Elena, for support of sensible gun legislation, and for visiting my blog post. Truly, the rhetoric coming from the NRA about “more guns = lower crime” is hollow and false.

    This argument also applies at the city or regional level, and almost certainly at the level of universities. Students shouldn’t have to worry if their classmates are packing, whether in the classroom or a party.


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