Why do you support President Obama?

In the face of greater criticism of Barack Obama by progressive voices, I thought I’d take to the time to explain why my support for Obama hasn’t wavered.

I am inspired to be an advocate for President Obama because he is an advocate for so many in society that are traditionally forgotten, disenfranchised, and whose interests are ignored by a political system beholden not only to corporate interests but to the “middle class” at the expense of the worst-off.

It seems trendy amongst liberals to criticize Obama for not “accomplishing enough;” these complaints are ones I have never fully understood, because I cannot counterfactually imagine any President dealing with an obstructionist and petty Republican Party better than Obama has.  In the midst of a short-sighted and selfish political culture, I admire President Obama for consistently speaking to the American people in a way that demonstrates that he considers them worthy of respect, engaging their reason and reminding them of the ties that bind them.  So many of our nation’s accomplishments over the last 3 years would not have occurred without Obama’s force of vision—giving over 20 million Americans healthcare for the first time, making the dream of higher education more accessible, guaranteeing equal pay for women and women, controlling nuclear proliferation, protecting LGBT Americans against hate crime, ending the shameful legacy of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and reminding the globe of America’s capacity to serve as a reasonable and just partner in world affairs.

Answer in the comments: Do you support President Obama?  Why or why not?

Published by Elena Botella

Elena Botella is a Duke Undergraduate in the Class of 2013, majoring in Economics and Math.

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