Daily Beast: I’m Sure You Know What “Tease” Implies

On the front page of the Daily Beast today is a story by Meghan McCain with the headline, “Sarah Palin Is A Tease!”   Note the exclamation mark is The Daily Beast’s, not mine.

The article is pretty strictly about Sarah Palin and her mysterious actions that may or may not suggest an eventual candidacy.

The headline though is incredibly suggestive.  Let’s cut to the Oxford English Dictionary definition of “tease:”

The article is lightly sprinkled with Palin innuendo:

“Candidates who are serious about running for president flirt and tease up to a point”

“We don’t need to be distracted by Sarah Palin’s attention-seeking antics anymore, unless of course she actually decides to stop flirting ”

“She jerks you around because you let yourselves be jerked around”

I have no problem with criticizing Palin for what is indeed pretty ludicrous behavior, but she’s there’s nothing about her behavior that suggests that she is ‘tempting someone sexually with no intention of satisfying the desire aroused,’ and the metaphor just perpetuates the mainstream (lamestream?) media treating Palin in an incredibly sexualized fashion.*  Would Meghan McCain be using the same language about a male politician?

* I wanted to link to a Playboy article entitled “Ten Conservative Women We’d Like To Hate F**k,” but the Playboy website apparently took it down

Published by Elena Botella

Elena Botella is a Duke Undergraduate in the Class of 2013, majoring in Economics and Math.

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