The Geography of Justice

At 7:02 this morning, David Parker, Chair of the NC Democratic Party released a list of those who voted “No” on the anti-marriage amendment.  In Parker’s words: ” It is simply un-American to single out any group of law-abiding citizens to harass and torment for political gain. Every time we exclude a set of folks to exclude from America’s dream of a better life, the results are detrimental to our nation”

The Senators who voted no are as follows:

Senator Bob Atwater (Chatham)
Senator Doug Berger (Franklin)
Senator Dan Blue (Wake)
Senator Daniel Clodfelter (Mecklenburg)
Senator Charlie Smith Dannelly (Mecklenburg)
Senator Linda Garrou (Forsyth)
Senator Malcolm Graham (Mecklenburg)
Senator Clark Jenkins (Edgecombe)
Senator Ed Jones (Halifax)
Senator Ellie Kinnaird (Orange)
Senator Floyd McKissick (Durham)
Senate Minority Leader Martin Nesbitt (Buncombe)
Senator William Purcell (Scotland)
Senator Gladys Robinson (Guilford)
Senator Josh Stein (Wake)
Senator Don Vaughan (Guilford)
To get a sense of the political geography, I’ve colored in a map showing the counties
A few notes:
1) Some senators represent more than one county listed.  For example, Bob Atwater is listed as a Chatham County Senator, but he also represents Durham County.  I have only highlighted the county listed above.  As a frame of reference, there are 100 counties, but only 50 state senators
2) From Winstom-Salem to Halifax, a 170 mile stretch, you basically never leave territory where your State Senators stand up for LGBT Equality

Published by Elena Botella

Elena Botella is a Duke Undergraduate in the Class of 2013, majoring in Economics and Math.

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