Live Fact-Checking the GOP Debate

AUTHOR: Eli Kozin

I was told to hold back…but two minutes in I could not resist.  Refresh your page for fact-checking [FC] of the GOP debate and other musings [M].

8:07 PM – Did Michelle Bachmann just come from being dictator of a Latin American nation? [M]

8:10 PM – “When Congress gets a tax, it never goes away” -Herman Cain.  Clinton-era taxes on the high income earners were cut under Bush, with the cuts extended in 2010.  This tax decrease has been permanent thus far. [FC]

8:16 PM – Isn’t New Hampshire an early primary state, Rick Perry?  And Herman Cain is clearly not your “brother.” [M]

8:19 PM – Cal-calate Herman Cain?  Back to the days of Nucalar. [M]

8:23 PM – My dad just lost his job.  Would you like him to pay taxes on the money he isn’t making, Michelle? [M]

8:30 PM – Rick Santorum – “Costs” and “Access” are interrelated concepts in a free-market economy – as costs go up, access goes down and vice versa.  It’s impossible to tackle either “healthcare cost” or “healthcare access” without working on the other. [FC]

8:33 PM – “We don’t have government insurance [in Massachusetts]” – Mitt Romney.  Firstly, Massachusetts participates in both Medicare and Medicaid, both public insurance plans.  Secondly, this inherently comparative statement implies that the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) contains a public plan other than these two longstanding programs, which it does not. [FC]

8:41 PM – Sure, illegal immigration plays well with voters, (DID MITT ROMNEY JUST TATTLETALE ON RICK PERRY?) but time and again we have seen that the jobs illegal immigrants perform are jobs Americans refuse to do, such as farm labor, manual labor, janitorial jobs, etc.  Romney failed to rebut this false assumption as well. [FC]

8:44 PM – I believe that a President should be better at listening than speaking.  It’s easier to learn more that way, Mitt. [M]

8:47 PM – Iran has no role in Mexican drug trafficking (, Rick. [FC]

8:52 PM – Without conducting a statistical analysis, I highly doubt that Mitt Romney’s lawn care contractor is the largest employer of illegal immigrants.  It’s not helping you, Rick. [FC]

9:05 PM – Rick Perry specifically asked Congress to pass TARP on the day of the vote.  (Letter – [FC]

9:09 PM – Although it may not be apparent, Michele Bachmann is, in fact, a mom.  She has five biological children and has cared for twenty three foster children for at least a one-week period. [FC]

9:10 PM – Protesting at the source of the problem would make protesting on Wall Street more logical than protesting in front of the White House.  Although the two spheres commonly overlap, the protests are focused primarily to the economic system, not the political system, Herman. [FC]

9:14 PM – In case you haven’t paid attention to the news, Mitt, the President has proposed a jobs plan.  In fact, it’s called the “American Jobs Act,” also known as S.R. 1549.  [FC]

9:14 PM – Cadillac sponsoring a GOP debate?  Something reeks of one-percentism. [M]

9:17 PM – Congrats to @caravaggisto, a Duke Democrat, for having his twitter post shown on the bottom of CNN’s debate coverage. [M]

9:22 PM – Newt Gingrich – “judgement” without “faith” does exist.  It’s called logic.  It’s also a fallacy to think that morals can only come from faith. [FC]

9:24 PM – Thanks for the plug to us Jews by mentioning “churches and synagogues” Mitt, but that ignores some of the other major religions in the United States, including Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism ( [FC]

9:28 PM – Newt, there is no evidence that politicians are “historically illiterate.” [FC]

9:30 PM – “Considering the facts” and “not negotiating with terrorists” are inherently contradictory comments, Herman.  Especially when you “could see myself” making that type of deal. [FC]

9:35 PM – Mitt, when comparing public and private sector wages by industry (a more accurate comparison than aggregating all workers), public sector workers make 6.8% less, including other compensation such as health care ( [FC SLAM!]

9:38 PM – Herman, does Reagan’s “peace through strength” apply to Iran-contra, as propagated by the man himself? [FC]

9:39 PM – In fact, Michele, members of your party have accused our current President of “negotiating with terrorists,” making your claim that we have never done so incorrect ( [FC]

9:44 PM – Rick Santorum is not the only candidate on the stage to win a swing state if you include the generally-blue stronghold of Massachusetts, whose voters elected fellow candidate Mitt Romney. [FC]

9:48 PM – The report on how many jobs that were created in Texas under Rick Perry was written by a third party, showing that over 80% of the new jobs went to immigrants, half of which were illegal ( [FC]

9:51 PM – The decision has actually not been made, as voters have not yet gone to the polls, Michele.  Barring any irregularities, before November 6 2012 there will be no way to tell if Obama will be a one-term President. [FC]

9:52 PM – Isn’t it after labor day, Michele? [M]

9:52 PM – That wraps it up for tonight and thanks for following along with us.  Stay tuned for the next debate when Duke Dems will be live fact-checking.  Agree?  Disagree?  Have something to add?  Use the comments area below to voice your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Live Fact-Checking the GOP Debate

  1. 8:33 PM – “We don’t have government insurance [in Massachusetts]” – Mitt Romney.

    What…? Seriously?

    This 2006 law “mandates that nearly every resident of Massachusetts obtain a state-government-regulated minimum level of healthcare insurance coverage and provides free health care insurance for residents earning less than 150% of the federal poverty level (FPL) who are not eligible for Mass Health (Medicaid).”

    Romney was even governor then…


  2. I think Mitt’s point is that Mass. doesn’t have a “public option” (other than Medicaid)–the insurers are still private and for-profit–the government in Mass essentially regulates health care and health insurance without actually providing either. This would distinguish it from, say NHS in Britain where the government actually provides the healthcare itself, or in France where the government is the insurance provider.


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