Say No to Partisan Judicial Elections: NC House Bill 64 is bad for the center and bad for the state

Today’s Duke Democrats-Duke College Republicans Head-To-Head Column in The Chronicle is about NC House Bill 64, which would restore judicial elections to a partisan basis.

Read the two articles online:

Bad for the center, bad for the state – Head -to-Head Democrat

Voter empowerment in judicial elections – Head-to-Head Republican

The Head-To-Head Republican column starts by asking: “Imagine what a nightmare it would be to vote for elected officials on a ballot without any form of ideological identification. How would you choose a candidate? Would you really know what he or she stood for? Since the 2004 elections, North Carolinians have been subject to this guessing-game when voting for state judiciaries. ”  The Head-to-Head Democrat column notes that a responsible voter has access to a wide variety of information about judicial candidates, and that your education as a voter should have started prior to you entering the voting booth.

Just two weeks ago, the Head-to-Head Republican column almost exactly contradicted itself saying: “Straight-ticket voting, a traditional shortcut to a quick and thought-free trip to the polls, is also a no-go in general elections. Doing so reduces a voter’s ability to make an accurate and informed decision about questionable candidates and changes the dynamics of party leadership in an unhealthy manner. Party nominations are generally decided more by party activists, leading to the increased polarization of political parties. If an individual has researched every candidate on the ticket and likes only those candidates with an “R” next to their name, by all means the voter should go for it. But only after due deliberation.”

Which is it Will Reach?


Published by Elena Botella

Elena Botella is a Duke Undergraduate in the Class of 2013, majoring in Economics and Math.

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