First Lady speaks at NCCU


Michelle Obama made a stop in Durham today to speak at NCCU. In her speech, she touched on many of the themes she spoke about at the DNC. Check out our Twitter feed from the event here.

She talked about first meeting Barack and falling in love with him, and their similar backgrounds and family values. She also explained how the president has fought—and continues to fight—for women’s rights, for equal access to healthcare for all Americans and for the door of opportunity to remain open and accessible. As president, she said, “you have to be driven by the struggles, hopes and dreams of all your citizens.”

Above all, Michelle emphasized that we only have 48 days remaining until the election. “We’ve come too far to turn back now,” she said.

I hope Michelle’s words inspired all of you as much as they did me. And, let’s take what she said to heart. We have limited time before the election, and every single thing you do to help out could have a tremendous impact. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer here on campus. Please come (feel free to drop in/out as your schedule allows) to a phonebank, on Tuesdays in Languages 211 and Thursdays in Languages 207, or sign up to register voters on the BC Plaza here.


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Published by Maggie Spini

Maggie Spini is a senior at Duke University, majoring in English.

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