The one CRITICAL thing you need to do before going to the polls

Many Duke students and community members believe in the principles and policies of the Democratic party, and have already voted for President Obama or are eagerly anticipating doing so.

I imagine there are some among you though who intend to vote, but who have not yet decided who you will vote for in the nonpartisan races.  You might not even realize that there are races critical to the future of our country for which no party affiliation will be listed.  Sample ballots are available at for East, West and Central Campus, but the nonpartisan races are the same for all three campuses (and should be the same for anyone residing in the general vicinity of Duke off-campus).

Why nonpartisan races are important:
State Supreme Court: The State Supreme Court will decide whether or not to uphold the 2010 redistricting map, a map which many believe to be a violation of the NC Constitution, NC law, and the U.S. constitution, unnecessarily partisan, and extremely unfairly to minorities
State Court of Appeals: The State Court Appeals in the last several years has made decisions on issues like whether or not the state constitution requires the state to provide Pre-K to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.   They make decisions regarding regulation, consumer protection, civil rights, and more.
Soil and Water Commissioner: Perhaps this should be obvious, but given that you drink the water in Durham, you have a clear stake in water quality in Durham.  Danielle Adams was named the 2012 NC Association of Soil and Water Commissioners Commissioner of the Year
Who Duke Democrats endorses:
For State Supreme Court: Sam Ervin IV
For NC Court of Appeals: Wanda Bryant (Duke alum), Cressie Thigpen and Linda McGee
For Durham Soil and Water Commissioner: Danielle Adams
All of the candidates above were endorsed by the Independent Weekly and the Durham People’s Alliance.
We encourage a straight-ticket Democratic vote for the partisan races.
We agree fundamentally that judicial races should be nonpartisan elections; we endorse Ervin, Bryant, Thigpen and (Linda) McGee not for their political views, but for their legal scholarship and their record of experience and fairness.
You can early vote in the Old Trinity Room, next to Chick-Fil-A, on the following dates and times:
Monday, October 22 – Saturday, October 27: 9am – 5:30pm
Sunday, October 28: 12pm – 5:30pm
Monday, October 29 – Friday, November 2: 9am – 7pm
Saturday, November 3: 8am – 1pm

Published by Elena Botella

Elena Botella is a Duke Undergraduate in the Class of 2013, majoring in Economics and Math.

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