The Seeds Were Sown in 2010

As of midnight today, the most recent continuing resolution to fund the government ran out, and the government shut down for the first time in 17 years. The Republican Party is refusing to fund the government unless the Affordable Care Act is defunded or delayed. This runs counter to the past five years of government, during which Obamacare was passed by both houses of Congress, signed by President Obama, upheld by the Supreme Court, and then upheld by the American people in the 2012 elections. In other words, we tell the Republicans that elections matter.

What the last three years should teach us, though, is that elections matter–all elections, that is. 2010 was a disastrous midterm election for Democrats, allowing for the rise of the Tea Party, the Republican takeover of the House, and Republican takeovers of state legislatures across the country. The 2010 midterms marked the first time the Republican Party held both houses of the North Carolina General Assembly since Reconstruction. The 2014 election is still over a year away, but with the entire House, one-third of the Senate (including NC Senator Kay Hagan), and the North Carolina General Assembly up for re-election, it’s an election we need to win. We can’t have another 2010.

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