Duke Democrats Endorses Jamal Edwards for Young Trustee

In light of such a consequential decision, Duke Democrats has spent the past week talking to each of the candidates for Young Trustee. After extensive discussions within our organization, we are proud to endorse Jamal Edwards for the position. Edwards shares our commitment to diversity, equity, outreach, and sustainability.

Jamal Edwards has the background, passion and vision to help make Duke University a place where students can feel both challenged and supported. He understands that the position of Young Trustee is not one of advocacy. Rather, he will ensure that he remains informed and accessible to ensure that he understands the perspective Duke undergraduate population to the best of his ability.

His numerous unique experiences provide a deep understanding of the issues we believe are of the greatest urgency: an environment where all voices have the opportunity to be heard, action against sexual assault, and a review of Duke’s curriculum to fit the evolving needs of its student body. We are delighted to place our trust in a candidate with as much experience and personal success as Edwards.

After collaborating on policy with acting Secretary of Education John B. King, serving on the student board of the State Farm Philanthropic Foundation and interacting with powerful alumni through the Dukes and Duchesses program, Edwards has developed a talent for voicing his opinion even among the most influential of colleagues. Because of this capacity, his voice for undergraduates will  resonate with the Board of Trustees.

Duke Democrats would also like to stress the importance of voting during this election. As a student body, each individual has the duty to participate in the governance of the University we call home. Please vote tomorrow!

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