Obama plays losing hand in budget negotiations

President Barack Obama’s annual budget — which he will send to Capitol Hill Wednesday — includes a cut to Social Security called chained CPI. “CPI” stands for consumer price index; the United States has always adjusted Social Security benefits to inflation. Essentially, this policy presumes that seniors will change their buying habits as prices goContinue reading “Obama plays losing hand in budget negotiations”

Recent findings show need for immigration reform

The New York Times┬áposted two brilliant articles on immigration in the past week. One revealed a positive (and unintentional) consequence of President Barack Obama’s immigration policies, and the other showed a negative ramification. But they both highlight the urgent need for immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship. Angy Rivera, an undocumented immigrant, wasContinue reading “Recent findings show need for immigration reform”

Judge makes right call to strike down soda ban

Last week, Judge Milton Tingling struck down New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s limits on large sugary drinks. Despite Bloomberg’s noble intentions to curb obesity, his proposal amounted to a lazy way to fight the obesity epidemic. For one, the limit had multiple loopholes: it did not apply to 7-Eleven and its Big Gulp soda orContinue reading “Judge makes right call to strike down soda ban”

VAWA passage stands as a victory for immigrants

In a rare moment, the U.S. Congress took a positive step forward for the country today. The House of Representatives approved the Violence Against Women Act, sending it to President Barack Obama’s desk for signature. (The Senate had already passed the bill, 78-22, and 87 Republicans joined 199 Democrats to pass the bill in theContinue reading “VAWA passage stands as a victory for immigrants”