How voter suppression laws will impact Duke students

On April 17th, Duke Democrats stands with student organizations across the state against voter suppression The North Carolina General Assembly has introduced a barrage of legislation that will pose significant obstacles for North Carolina voters, especially students, the elderly, women, transgender individuals, and the poor. North Carolina is trying to replicate the voting laws of Florida, which ledContinue reading “How voter suppression laws will impact Duke students”

Live Fact-Checking the GOP Debate

AUTHOR: Eli Kozin I was told to hold back…but two minutes in I could not resist.  Refresh your page for fact-checking [FC] of the GOP debate and other musings [M]. 8:07 PM – Did Michelle Bachmann just come from being dictator of a Latin American nation? [M] 8:10 PM – “When Congress gets a tax,Continue reading “Live Fact-Checking the GOP Debate”

Little Blue Scoop: Eugenics and Sterilization in North Carolina

AUTHOR: Eli Kozin Earlier this week, famed author Edwin Black spoke on campus about the relationship between the genocide in Germany and Europe perpetrated by the Nazi Party during World War II and the eugenics program in North Carolina in the decades thereafter.   The sterilization program affected primarily rural women in this state, predominantly African American inContinue reading “Little Blue Scoop: Eugenics and Sterilization in North Carolina”