The Seeds Were Sown in 2010

As of midnight today, the most recent continuing resolution to fund the government ran out, and the government shut down for the first time in 17 years. The Republican Party is refusing to fund the government unless the Affordable Care Act is defunded or delayed. This runs counter to the past five years of government,Continue reading “The Seeds Were Sown in 2010”

Update on the NC Voting Law

North Carolina will be the next state to be sued by the federal Department of Justice over its voting law, which was signed by Governor Pat McCrory in August. The federal lawsuit accuses the state of racial discrimination, since minorities of North Carolina are less likely to have the proper forms of ID than whiteContinue reading “Update on the NC Voting Law”

Double Trouble

As of this moment, freshman Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is leading a sort of filibuster on the Senate floor. As the current continuing resolution that funds the government dwindles down to its final week, some members of the Republican Party are threatening to refuse to pass a new continuing resolution unless the Affordable Care ActContinue reading “Double Trouble”

Blue Devils Against SB 666

We may be Blue Devils, but Senate Bill 666, filed yesterday in the North Carolina General Assembly, is a threat to our voting rights. The first page of this bill contains the following text: “The taxpayer is allowed an exemption amount for each qualifying child, as provided by section 151(c) of the Code for the taxable year, unless theContinue reading “Blue Devils Against SB 666”