Endorsement of Tara Bansal for DSG President

Although each candidate gave an impressive presentation, the Duke Democrats support Tara Bansal for DSG President. Overall, we have faith in all of the candidates to execute the position of DSG President with great success, and would be thrilled to work with any of the qualified candidates. Adair demonstrated an impressive knowledge of the relevantContinue reading “Endorsement of Tara Bansal for DSG President”

Duke Democrats Endorses Jamal Edwards for Young Trustee

In light of such a consequential decision, Duke Democrats has spent the past week talking to each of the candidates for Young Trustee. After extensive discussions within our organization, we are proud to endorse Jamal Edwards for the position. Edwards shares our commitment to diversity, equity, outreach, and sustainability. Jamal Edwards has the background, passionContinue reading “Duke Democrats Endorses Jamal Edwards for Young Trustee”