The Voter ID Law…Is this any improvement?

A few weeks ago, we blogged to you about the NC Voter ID Law being proposed by Republicans in the general assembly–it would have required anyone voting to present state-issued identification, showing their address of residence. Republicans have listened to the push-back (in part from the dozens of Duke students who called and petitioned theContinue reading “The Voter ID Law…Is this any improvement?”

NC House Bill 11: Barring undocumented immigrants from higher education

When I read legislation like this (currently in committee), I can’t help but wonder: who wins?  Who would benefit from this legislation’s passage, besides the vote-seeking legislators themselves? Let the NC House of Representatives know what you think: Contact Rep. Paul Luebke, the Representative for NC’s 30th district (containing Duke) and member of the Education committee, or Rep.Continue reading “NC House Bill 11: Barring undocumented immigrants from higher education”