The Road to 270

By Ciera Echols After over a year of watching primaries, debates, and presidential campaigns, it’s hard to believe that the presidential election will be over Tuesday. After spending the past six months working on the greatest campaign ever—President Barack Obama’s—I am confident and ecstatic that the election results on Tuesday will be in our favor. Continue reading “The Road to 270”

The one CRITICAL thing you need to do before going to the polls

Many Duke students and community members believe in the principles and policies of the Democratic party, and have already voted for President Obama or are eagerly anticipating doing so. I imagine there are some among you though who intend to vote, but who have not yet decided who you will vote for in the nonpartisan races.Continue reading “The one CRITICAL thing you need to do before going to the polls”

Vote for Walter Dalton

By Diego Quezada Around this time of year, most voters are primarily voting because of the presidential race. People tend to pay less attention to the state races, and many don’t even bother to vote in them. But any Duke student planning to vote for President Barack Obama should also know that it’s crucial toContinue reading “Vote for Walter Dalton”