Take a moment to think about the Iraq War’s 10-year anniversary

This week marks the 10-year anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War. It is a momentous and solemn occasion, and one that also seems inaccessible to me. I clearly remember when the war began. I was in sixth grade. We discussed the first invasion force that took place on March 20 in class, andContinue reading “Take a moment to think about the Iraq War’s 10-year anniversary”

Judge makes right call to strike down soda ban

Last week, Judge Milton Tingling struck down New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s limits on large sugary drinks. Despite Bloomberg’s noble intentions to curb obesity, his proposal amounted to a lazy way to fight the obesity epidemic. For one, the limit had multiple loopholes: it did not apply to 7-Eleven and its Big Gulp soda orContinue reading “Judge makes right call to strike down soda ban”

VAWA passage stands as a victory for immigrants

In a rare moment, the U.S. Congress took a positive step forward for the country today. The House of Representatives approved the Violence Against Women Act, sending it to President Barack Obama’s desk for signature. (The Senate had already passed the bill, 78-22, and 87 Republicans joined 199 Democrats to pass the bill in theContinue reading “VAWA passage stands as a victory for immigrants”

Marco Rubio—a new face on a stagnant GOP

Water bottles aside, the rebuttal Senator Marco Rubio delivered last week after the State of Union Address was notable—and a letdown—for several reasons. Let’s start with the positive notables first, about the speech and Rubio himself. It was the first response to ever be delivered in both Spanish and English. Rubio is bypassing other norms, too.Continue reading “Marco Rubio—a new face on a stagnant GOP”