How voter suppression laws will impact Duke students

On April 17th, Duke Democrats stands with student organizations across the state against voter suppression The North Carolina General Assembly has introduced a barrage of legislation that will pose significant obstacles for North Carolina voters, especially students, the elderly, women, transgender individuals, and the poor. North Carolina is trying to replicate the voting laws of Florida, which ledContinue reading “How voter suppression laws will impact Duke students”

North Carolina will vote to opt out of “Obamacare” tomorrow — let Governor McCrory know you’re opposed

Do you want to live in a state where the working poor have health insurance? Tomorrow, the North Carolina General Assembly will be voting on Senate Bill 4, which would prevent the state of North Carolina from accepting federal money to expand Medicaid.  As a part of “Obamacare,” the federal government is offering states  $9Continue reading “North Carolina will vote to opt out of “Obamacare” tomorrow — let Governor McCrory know you’re opposed”

Obama: Come for our guns

By Diego Quezada During the second presidential debate, an undecided voter asked President Barack Obama what he planned to do to curb gun violence. Governor Mitt Romney predictably pivoted to a discussion on families and said that people should get married before having children. But that wasn’t disappointing; it shouldn’t surprise anyone when Romney evadesContinue reading “Obama: Come for our guns”