Let’s not pretend that everyone is suffering equally

Unless you’re a bankruptcy lawyer, a repoman, or you had a large amount of money bundled up in credit default swaps, you have probably been hurt by the recession, but it’s time for us to stop pretending that everyone has been hurt equally. Instead up stepping up and asking how we can share in sacrifices,Continue reading “Let’s not pretend that everyone is suffering equally”

ICE Agents in NC K-12 Schools?

HB744, the Safe Schools Act, will be heard in the NC Education Committee This Tuesday May 31st. As explained by Michelle Lozano Villegas, Co-President of Duke Students for Humane Borders, “The bill looks to ban all undocumented students from K-12 schools in the state by giving Principals the authority to act like ICE Agents, byContinue reading “ICE Agents in NC K-12 Schools?”

Do you want guns in Shooters II?

Do you want guns in Shooters II?  How about on campus? Comment to non-Duke readers:” Shooters” refers to a club, popular amongst Duke students, of Karen Owen and Tucker Max fame.  Hopefully, it won’t refer to–well–actual shooters anytime soon.  I’m going to take a step back and acknowledge that the whole “do guns make usContinue reading “Do you want guns in Shooters II?”

Rewriting paternity in the NC General Assembly

Right now in North Carolina, if you legally affirm that you are the father of a child upon that child’s birth, you have 60 days to “reneg” if on that affirmation of paternity; otherwise, if you discover later that you are not the father of the child, you may nevertheless be legally “stuck” as such,Continue reading “Rewriting paternity in the NC General Assembly”