John McCain: Back in Action as the Conscience of the Republican Party

The 2008 was an enormous moment, one that inspired tremendous optimism in me, that the United States was rallying around a progressive vision for a socially, economically and environmentally just future.  Beneath all the, well, hope, though ran a very troubling political undercurrent.  John McCain who really had in all fairness been a maverick–on campaignContinue reading “John McCain: Back in Action as the Conscience of the Republican Party”

NC Republicans: Don’t Return Stimulus Funds…Especially for Mass Transit

Almost every candidate for elected office in 2010 put job creation at the top of their platforms. Why then should NC republicans be proposing that we return the federal stimulus funds to improve rail service?  The state DOT estimates that turning away these funds will cost North Carolina 4,800 jobs, not to mention the indirectContinue reading “NC Republicans: Don’t Return Stimulus Funds…Especially for Mass Transit”

The Voter ID Law…Is this any improvement?

A few weeks ago, we blogged to you about the NC Voter ID Law being proposed by Republicans in the general assembly–it would have required anyone voting to present state-issued identification, showing their address of residence. Republicans have listened to the push-back (in part from the dozens of Duke students who called and petitioned theContinue reading “The Voter ID Law…Is this any improvement?”

Illinois Bans Capital Punishment

After a decade long moratorium on executions, earlier this month, Illinois Gov. Patrick Quinn (D) signed a ban on capital punishment in the state of Illinois. The bill, which sat on Quinn’s desk waiting for a signature for two months, makes Illinois the 16th state to ban the death penalty. 15 inmates on death rowContinue reading “Illinois Bans Capital Punishment”