Meet Exec

Hana Stepnick

 Hana is a sophomore from Loudoun County, VA studying public policy and economics. You can normally find her “studying” in Vondy (or, during Covid, on the BC plaza), which normally entails lots of yelling about politics with her friends. Outside of Duke Dems, her political experience includes being a finance intern for a congressional campaign, performing research for the political science department, and working on a Sanford PolicyLab volunteer team.

Jimmy Toscano

Jimmy Toscano is a senior from Orlando, Florida studying Public Policy. Outside of Duke Dems, he is a Duke Student Government Senator, Field Organizing Fellow with the Progressive Turnout Project, Political Engagement Project Fellow with the Hart Leadership Program, and a Research Assistant in the Duke Center for International Development. He also loves to travel and has studied abroad in Chile, Serbia, and Scotland.

Jonah Perrin

Jonah Perrin is a sophomore from Chapel Hill, NC, studying philosophy and political science. Outside of Duke Dems, Jonah yells at people about voting through Duke Votes, as Development Director of College Dems of NC, advising local campaigns, and through a research project he does with the Kenan Institute of Ethics. Otherwise, you can find him reading in Vondy or playing Spikeball, ping pong, or throwing a frisbee on the quad.

Abigail Phillips

Abigail Philips (she/her/hers) is a sophomore from Carrboro, North Carolina studying Political Science and Religious Studies. Her favorite activities are aggressively turning different spots around campus into her second homes (the Duke Coffeehouse, Vondy, the BC Plaza) and talking in tandem with fellow exec member Hana Stepnick. On top of Duke Dems, she also has worked on Ronnie Chatterji’s campaign for state treasurer, been a researcher on the Elections in a Pandemic Bass Connections team (check out @youthgovote TikTok), and run her high school’s feminist club. Outside of politics, she enjoys dancing, drinking tea, and talking a little bit too much about our existence in the universe. 

Allie Schwalb

Allie Schwalb is a senior from Washington, D.C. studying chemistry and biology. Outside of Duke Dems, Allie can be found registering people to vote with Duke Votes or doing biochemistry experiments as a research assistant in Dr. Lefkowitz’s GPCR research lab. In her spare time, she is  an avid crossword puzzler and amateur baker.

Juanita Vargas Ibañez

Juanita Vargas Ibanez is a sophomore studying Political Science with a minor in French and History from Bogota, Colombia and Charlotte, NC. You can normally find her manifesting to be as amazing as AOC or expressing her love for Frida Kahlo. Along with her involvement in Duke Dems, she is Mi Gente’s Political Chair, a senator in Duke Student Government’s Durham and Community Affairs committee, member of the LI1G caucus and the Latinx caucus, a GANO tutor, and an advocate for domestic violence awareness, immigrants, and the Hispanic / Latinx community. 

Christina Wang

Christina is a first-year from Fairfax, VA, currently planning on studying political science and history. She can frequently be observed yelling at her friends to go vote. Her favorite TV character and political hero is Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec.

Anika Mitra

Anika Mitra (she/her/hers) is a first year from Bethesda, Maryland studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. In her free time, she enjoys having political conversations with people she has just met. Outside of Duke Dems, you can find her baking, working out, or watching Netflix shows that substantially lower her IQ.

Christian Knight

Christian Knight is a first-year from Dallas, Texas studying economics and environmental science. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio, which tells you everything you need to know. At any given time, you can find her talking about her love of the outdoors or her passion for art. Outside of Duke Dems, she is a member of the TedXDuke committee and participates in numerous environmental initiatives on campus.

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