Duke College Republicans: Come Out of the Closet

Last year, two-thirds of the DSG Senate voted to de-charter and defund Duke CR for the “culture of discrimination” that the group had created, particularly against LGBT members. That decision was overturned by a veto by then DSG President Mike Lefevre. Clearly though, Duke CR still has deficit of leaders willing to assert the factContinue reading “Duke College Republicans: Come Out of the Closet”

Protect LGBT Rights: Vote in the Municipal Elections

Durham is one of the most queer-friendly cities in North Carolina; part of that is a direct result of having elected officials who have stood firmly on issues on LGBT rights. Not every candidate in today’s Durham municipal election though would continued this stance of principled pro-equality leadership. Durham City Council in 2002 made theContinue reading “Protect LGBT Rights: Vote in the Municipal Elections”