Double Trouble

As of this moment, freshman Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is leading a sort of filibuster on the Senate floor. As the current continuing resolution that funds the government dwindles down to its final week, some members of the Republican Party are threatening to refuse to pass a new continuing resolution unless the Affordable Care ActContinue reading “Double Trouble”

If we accept Newt Gingrich’s tax cuts, how much spending would we need to slash?

Now that Newt Gingrich is leading the polls, it’s time he gets the scrutiny he deserves.   Although Gingrich is famous for having proposed a constitutional amendment mandating a balanced budget, Gingrich’s tax plan would make achieving a balanced budget almost impossible to achieve–especially because his plans for spending, while “repackaging” major programs like healthcare,Continue reading “If we accept Newt Gingrich’s tax cuts, how much spending would we need to slash?”

Let’s not pretend that everyone is suffering equally

Unless you’re a bankruptcy lawyer, a repoman, or you had a large amount of money bundled up in credit default swaps, you have probably been hurt by the recession, but it’s time for us to stop pretending that everyone has been hurt equally. Instead up stepping up and asking how we can share in sacrifices,Continue reading “Let’s not pretend that everyone is suffering equally”

A Gluttony of Defense

WSJ today pointed out a certain anomaly in the latest U.S. budget proposal–as almost every department gets major cuts, the Defense Department has had their budget increased. Most of the other increases in the budget are generally understandable (e.g. increases in funding for Veterans Affairs and the National Nuclear Security Administration)– Iraq and Afghanistan haveContinue reading “A Gluttony of Defense”