Unemployment down to 7.8%

In addition to your midterms (hopefully) being over for a while and fall break being only a week away, there’s something else to celebrate this weekend. September’s unemployment numbers were reported today, and dropped to 7.8%—the lowest they’ve been since January 2009. The unemployment rate in August was 8.1%. September job creation was apparent inContinue reading “Unemployment down to 7.8%”

If we accept Newt Gingrich’s tax cuts, how much spending would we need to slash?

Now that Newt Gingrich is leading the polls, it’s time he gets the scrutiny he deserves.   Although Gingrich is famous for having proposed a constitutional amendment mandating a balanced budget, Gingrich’s tax plan would make achieving a balanced budget almost impossible to achieve–especially because his plans for spending, while “repackaging” major programs like healthcare,Continue reading “If we accept Newt Gingrich’s tax cuts, how much spending would we need to slash?”

Chilling lack of concern for NC Unemployed

37,000 unemployed workers lost their unemployment benefits on Saturday when Gov. Purdue vetoed legislation put forth by the Republicans tying unemployment benefits to a 30% cut in the state budget. Why an immediate budget cut of that size during the time of a recession is logical is beyond my understanding. Only 30 Republicans on the NCContinue reading “Chilling lack of concern for NC Unemployed”

NC Republicans: Don’t Return Stimulus Funds…Especially for Mass Transit

Almost every candidate for elected office in 2010 put job creation at the top of their platforms. Why then should NC republicans be proposing that we return the federal stimulus funds to improve rail service?  The state DOT estimates that turning away these funds will cost North Carolina 4,800 jobs, not to mention the indirectContinue reading “NC Republicans: Don’t Return Stimulus Funds…Especially for Mass Transit”