99 Problems

POST BY JORDAN DELOATCH It seems like Mitt Romney’s got 99 problems, and being rich is one. Awful puns aside, Romney might’ve accidentally compounded his recent struggles with yet another characteristically out-of-touch moment during Saturday night’s debate. One thing that can get overlooked in these campaigns is that some of these guys are really freakingContinue reading “99 Problems”

The Necessity of an Unprincipled Society

Post By: Andrew Lloyd Franklin             Principles are supercilious and futile. In fact, they are direct impediments to American progress and prosperity. Despite the possibility, nay the inevitability, of backlash for this outlandish assertion, I stand by it. Mark Twain once quipped, “[w]e all live in the protection of certain cowardices which we call ourContinue reading “The Necessity of an Unprincipled Society”