Marco Rubio—a new face on a stagnant GOP

Water bottles aside, the rebuttal Senator Marco Rubio delivered last week after the State of Union Address was notable—and a letdown—for several reasons. Let’s start with the positive notables first, about the speech and Rubio himself. It was the first response to ever be delivered in both Spanish and English. Rubio is bypassing other norms, too.Continue reading “Marco Rubio—a new face on a stagnant GOP”

Why Herman Cain Will Lose the Black Vote

POST BY JORDAN DELOATCH     A few pundits are making the bold prediction that we will elect a second black president in 2012. Herman Cain, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, has risen out of the murky depths of the field of obscure Republican candidates to become one of the three frontrunners, tied or aheadContinue reading “Why Herman Cain Will Lose the Black Vote”