ICE Agents in NC K-12 Schools?

HB744, the Safe Schools Act, will be heard in the NC Education Committee This Tuesday May 31st. As explained by Michelle Lozano Villegas, Co-President of Duke Students for Humane Borders, “The bill looks to ban all undocumented students from K-12 schools in the state by giving Principals the authority to act like ICE Agents, byContinue reading “ICE Agents in NC K-12 Schools?”

Five things you didn’t know about farmworkers

1. The average life expectancy of a United States farmworker is just 49 years old — 10 years less than the average life expectancy in Haiti or in Ghana! 2. Organic food isn’t necessarily better for farmworkers — while it is grown with fewer pesticides, the tendency towards seasonal labor in organic farming makes it harder forContinue reading “Five things you didn’t know about farmworkers”

John McCain: Back in Action as the Conscience of the Republican Party

The 2008 was an enormous moment, one that inspired tremendous optimism in me, that the United States was rallying around a progressive vision for a socially, economically and environmentally just future.  Beneath all the, well, hope, though ran a very troubling political undercurrent.  John McCain who really had in all fairness been a maverick–on campaignContinue reading “John McCain: Back in Action as the Conscience of the Republican Party”