Marco Rubio—a new face on a stagnant GOP

Water bottles aside, the rebuttal Senator Marco Rubio delivered last week after the State of Union Address was notable—and a letdown—for several reasons. Let’s start with the positive notables first, about the speech and Rubio himself. It was the first response to ever be delivered in both Spanish and English. Rubio is bypassing other norms, too.Continue reading “Marco Rubio—a new face on a stagnant GOP”

ICE Agents in NC K-12 Schools?

HB744, the Safe Schools Act, will be heard in the NC Education Committee This Tuesday May 31st. As explained by Michelle Lozano Villegas, Co-President of Duke Students for Humane Borders, “The bill looks to ban all undocumented students from K-12 schools in the state by giving Principals the authority to act like ICE Agents, byContinue reading “ICE Agents in NC K-12 Schools?”

NC House Bill 11: Barring undocumented immigrants from higher education

When I read legislation like this (currently in committee), I can’t help but wonder: who wins?  Who would benefit from this legislation’s passage, besides the vote-seeking legislators themselves? Let the NC House of Representatives know what you think: Contact Rep. Paul Luebke, the Representative for NC’s 30th district (containing Duke) and member of the Education committee, or Rep.Continue reading “NC House Bill 11: Barring undocumented immigrants from higher education”