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VAWA passage stands as a victory for immigrants

In a rare moment, the U.S. Congress took a positive step forward for the country today. The House of Representatives approved the Violence Against Women Act, sending it to President Barack Obama’s desk for signature. (The Senate had already passed the bill, 78-22, and 87 Republicans joined 199 Democrats to pass the bill in the… Continue reading VAWA passage stands as a victory for immigrants

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Obama makes right move to frame immigration reform

The contours of President Barack Obama’s immigration reform proposal are beginning to become known now. Several prominent Republican voices immediately voiced their displeasure after the plan was leaked. Senator Marco Rubio said that the proposal would worsen the country’s immigration problems, and Representative Paul Ryan said that the White House should not undermine Congressional efforts… Continue reading Obama makes right move to frame immigration reform

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Drone strikes present moral quandary

The Obama administration’s use of drones to kill suspected terrorists became a heated political issue this past week. This tactic’s foray into public discourse was a bit of a surprise, considering that 83 percent of Americans approve of the strategy. But NBC News leaked a Justice Department memo detailing the administration’s justification for drone strikes,… Continue reading Drone strikes present moral quandary

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Looking Forward: Obama’s Second Term

By Diego Quezada After Tuesday’s election, the balance of power remains unchanged in Washington: the Democrats will control the White House and the Senate, and the Republicans still have a sizable majority in the House. New York Times columnist David Brooks predicted Oct. 29 that a second President Barack Obama term would start off with… Continue reading Looking Forward: Obama’s Second Term

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The Road to 270

By Ciera Echols After over a year of watching primaries, debates, and presidential campaigns, it’s hard to believe that the presidential election will be over Tuesday. After spending the past six months working on the greatest campaign ever—President Barack Obama’s—I am confident and ecstatic that the election results on Tuesday will be in our favor. … Continue reading The Road to 270

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Obama: Come for our guns

By Diego Quezada During the second presidential debate, an undecided voter asked President Barack Obama what he planned to do to curb gun violence. Governor Mitt Romney predictably pivoted to a discussion on families and said that people should get married before having children. But that wasn’t disappointing; it shouldn’t surprise anyone when Romney evades… Continue reading Obama: Come for our guns