Judge makes right call to strike down soda ban

Last week, Judge Milton Tingling struck down New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s limits on large sugary drinks. Despite Bloomberg’s noble intentions to curb obesity, his proposal amounted to a lazy way to fight the obesity epidemic. For one, the limit had multiple loopholes: it did not apply to 7-Eleven and its Big Gulp soda orContinue reading “Judge makes right call to strike down soda ban”

JoJo, Marcus and the Genie: Part II

A natural question some readers of the last blog post¬†might have is: why are healthcare costs so much lower in Spain than they are in the United States? ¬†This will be particularly true if, like Marcus, you think anything that can be done by the private sector should be done by the private sector. SinceContinue reading “JoJo, Marcus and the Genie: Part II”