Double Trouble

As of this moment, freshman Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is leading a sort of filibuster on the Senate floor. As the current continuing resolution that funds the government dwindles down to its final week, some members of the Republican Party are threatening to refuse to pass a new continuing resolution unless the Affordable Care ActContinue reading “Double Trouble”

In the Dead of the Night: How NC Republicans Used Deception to Hurt Our Teachers

At 1:17 a.m., in what Governor Perdue called an “unprecedented, unconstitutional power grab,” House Republicans used a surprise, late-night congressional session to override Perdue’s veto of SB727, which stops the North Carolina Association of Educators from collecting dues from teachers’ paychecks via payroll deduction. Not surprisingly, the NCAE has been vocal in our state against theContinue reading “In the Dead of the Night: How NC Republicans Used Deception to Hurt Our Teachers”

Which North Carolina bills were bought by corporations?

A recent Business Week article “Pssst … Wanna Buy a Law?  When a company needs a state bill passed, the American Legislative Exchange Council can get it done” explained the role that ALEC plays in writing the legislation in Republican controlled state legislatures (like North Carolina, where as of 2010, both houses of the NC GeneralContinue reading “Which North Carolina bills were bought by corporations?”

Show Your Support for Obama with your Facebook Timeline

Want to show your support for President Barack Obama using the cover photo of your Facebook Timeline? Right click to save this banner of President Obama’s many accomplishments while in office: WHAT BARACK OBAMA  HAS ACCOMPLISHED: LILY-LEDBETTER FAIR PAY ACT ENDED WAR IN IRAQ AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, PROVIDING 32 MILLION MORE AMERICANS HEALTHCARE (frame ofContinue reading “Show Your Support for Obama with your Facebook Timeline”