Unemployment down to 7.8%

In addition to your midterms (hopefully) being over for a while and fall break being only a week away, there’s something else to celebrate this weekend. September’s unemployment numbers were reported today, and dropped to 7.8%—the lowest they’ve been since January 2009. The unemployment rate in August was 8.1%. September job creation was apparent inContinue reading “Unemployment down to 7.8%”

This is why Herman Cain will never win the 2012 election

Herman Cain might make it in the primaries, but he doesn’t have a shot in the general election.  Why? The Obama campaign only needs to make one ad.  This is a rough approximation (made by somebody who has never edited a video before) of what it should generally say:

Chilling lack of concern for NC Unemployed

37,000 unemployed workers lost their unemployment benefits on Saturday when Gov. Purdue vetoed legislation put forth by the Republicans tying unemployment benefits to a 30% cut in the state budget. Why an immediate budget cut of that size during the time of a recession is logical is beyond my understanding. Only 30 Republicans on the NCContinue reading “Chilling lack of concern for NC Unemployed”