Update on the NC Voting Law

North Carolina will be the next state to be sued by the federal Department of Justice over its voting law, which was signed by Governor Pat McCrory in August. The federal lawsuit accuses the state of racial discrimination, since minorities of North Carolina are less likely to have the proper forms of ID than whiteContinue reading “Update on the NC Voting Law”

Blue Devils Against SB 666

We may be Blue Devils, but Senate Bill 666, filed yesterday in the North Carolina General Assembly, is a threat to our voting rights. The first page of this bill contains the following text: “The taxpayer is allowed an exemption amount for each qualifying child, as provided by section 151(c) of the Code for the taxable year, unless theContinue reading “Blue Devils Against SB 666”

The Voter ID Law…Is this any improvement?

A few weeks ago, we blogged to you about the NC Voter ID Law being proposed by Republicans in the general assembly–it would have required anyone voting to present state-issued identification, showing their address of residence. Republicans have listened to the push-back (in part from the dozens of Duke students who called and petitioned theContinue reading “The Voter ID Law…Is this any improvement?”

An Open Letter regarding the Voter ID Law

Dear Senator Bob Rucho: I’m writing you today, as a fellow citizen and North Carolinian, to express my firm, moral opposition to the NC GOP proposal that would require voters to present a DMV-issued identification at the polls.  I am not a registered voter in your district (rather, I am registered to vote in DurhamContinue reading “An Open Letter regarding the Voter ID Law”